Official program of the BIO-PLATEAUX Conference

Session 1 : Sharing experience and information to improve transboundary cooperation to manage water and aquatic biodiversity on the Maroni and Oyapock basins

  • Presentation by Mr. HAENER (International Network of River Basin Organisms)
  • Presentation by Ms KARDEC (Amapa State Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IEPA) and M. FARIAS (State Secretariat for Environment of Amapa State-SEMA)
  • Présentation by Mr NURMOHAMED and Mrs SATNARAIN (Anton de Kom University of Suriname -AdeKUS)
  • Presentations by Mr. LECANTE (Chair of the Water and Biodiversity Committee) and Ms. SIRDER (Vice-Chair of CTG)

Session n°2 Knowledge issues concerning pollution on the Maroni and Oyapock transboundary basins

  • Presentation of Mr. DIONISIO (Organization of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty -OTCA)
  • Presentation of Mr. AMATALI (Ministry of Public Works of Suriname-WLA) and Mrs SATNARAIN (Anton de Kom University of Suriname -AdeKUS)
  • Presentation of Mr. VARDON (Amazonian Park of Guyana -PAG)
  • Presentation of Mr TAKYAMA (State Secretariat for the Environment of Amapa State)

Session n°3: Prevention of natural risks in transboundary basins

  • Presentation of Mrs. SALL (Senegal River Basin Development Agency - OMVS)
  • Presentation of Mr. PETITGUYOT (Department of Environment, Planning and Housing of Guyana - DEAL)
  • Presentation of Mr. MATOS (State Secretariat for Infrastructures of the State of Amapa) - and Mr BONFIM (Firefighters of Oyapock)
  • Presentation of Mr. DONK (Anton Kom-AdeKUS University) and Mr KOSSO (Ministry of Public Works of Suriname-WLA)

Concept note

Concept note of the BIO-PLATEAUX project