Start of planning activities for data management


The objectives

Clear and shared planning for all the processes of production/ collection/ management/ processing and dissemination of data and information related to all the priority themes. This involves :

  • Making an inventory of existing processes
  • Identify missing data and processes that need to be strengthened
  • Suggesting common rules that could be adopted in order to :
    • Ensure the comparability of data to be shared (collection procedures, data dictionaries, common coding repositories)
    • Have a description and traceability of the data sets collected (metadata) 
    • Facilitate the sharing, management and processing of data, based on procedures already in place in some countries (interoperability rules)
  • Propose an action plan (program of measures) aimed to strengthen the various processes of production/collection/sharing/processing, with a distribution of roles between the various actors

The calendar

Approach in French Guiana with OEG: since January 14, 2021

Approach in Brazil (State of Amapa) with SEMA: since February 18, 2021

Approach in Suriname with WLA and AdeKUS: since February 23, 2021

Cayenne- Macapa- Paramaribo- Nice