Three overviews on participatory science, transmission of cultural heritage and illegal gold mining in the protected areas of the Guianas published by RENFORESAP

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The three synthetic overviews, developed in the framework of the RENFORESAP project with the support of European Union and the French Development Agency are available in English, Dutch and French at the following link:

The reports deal with the following topics in protected areas:

  • participatory sciences for the sustainable management of natural resources
  • preservation and transmission of living cultural heritage
  • strategies against the threats from illegal gold mining.

A final synthesis on ecotourism is currently under finalization.

RENFORESAP is carried out by the French Guiana Amazonian Park, the Protected Areas Commission of Guyana, the Ministry of Regional Development & the Ministry of Land policy and Forest Management of Suriname. It also benefits from the support of international organizations of nature conservation working in the region.

Bioplateaux topics
Pollution and associated pressures (contamination of water and aquatic environments ; focus on mercury)