Third series of transboundary technical groups on water resources: quantity, quality and essential services

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Groupe technique Oyapock juin 2021 hydrologie

Technical stakeholders of French Guiana, Brazil and Suriname have been invited to the third Transboundary Technical Groups on the Oyapock basin on June 14 and 15, 2021 and on the Maroni basin on June 16 and 17, 2021.

The transboundary technical groups are technical exchanges platform of the BIO-PLATEAUX project, allowing to further define technical stakeholders needs on topics expressed by the focal points of the three territories during the regular technical committees and identify synergies accross borders.

Due to the pandemic, the meetings were held virtually.  In total, 15 hours of meetings and 110 participants, twice as many as the previous technical groups with about 50 participants per basin.


  • Allow concrete progress on the hydrometeorology and flood risk management topic, a topic which links and federates the stakeholders of the three territories. Stakeholders hope to continue working jointly on flood forecasting and management,
  • Reinforce the sharing of knowledge, methodologies and experiences on pollution topic in order to identify the common pressures on the transboundary basins,
  • Cooperate on the small water cycle topic, in particular on essential services, by inviting the concerned stakeholders to present and discuss the common stakes and challenges, in order to identify more concrete cooperation actions.

These three topics, divided into technical sub-groups, were the subject of 3 separate meetings over 2 days per basin.

All the slides presented during these two WGs are available at the following link: