Project description

The BIO-PLATEAUX project is funded by the Interreg Amazon Cooperation Program (PCIA) under the coordination of the Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane (CTG). The project is also supported by the National Center for Space Studies (CNES), the Guyana Water Office (OEG) and the Regional Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DGTM)


The Transboundary basins 

The project is implemented in the Maroni basin (shared by French Guiana and Suriname) and Oyapock basin (shared by French Guiana and the federated state of Amapá in Brazil).


 The challenges

enjeux_1 Preserve exceptional water resources and aquatic biodiversity

Assess the constraints for monitoring resources

enjeux_3 Consider the uncertainties associated to climate change and risk of flooding
enjeux_4 Observe sediment transport from upstream to downstream
enjeux_5 Integrate shared human challenges across borders: uses and pollution

The challenges in video:


Objective and components of the BIO-PLATEAUX project

The BIO-PLATEAUX project aims to develop information sharing on water and biodiversity associated to aquatic environments between French Guiana and its neighbors Brazil and Suriname, in particular on the respective Oyapock and Maroni basins. To achieve this objective, two components: